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1. Arabic Dressing
This light and tangy dressing is a cinch to make. Use it to dress simple fresh salads like greens with tomatoes and cucumbers....; Calories: 109; Time: 5 min.
2. Balsamic Honey Dressing
This slightly sweet dressing has become an all-purpose mainstay in our household. Its a simple and refreshing way to dress up a variety of greens....; Calories: 41; Time: 5 min.
3. Garden Herb Ranch Dressing
This is a creamy, flavorful version of ranch dressing. It goes great with plain greens or as a dip for fresh vegetables....; Calories: 585; Time: 10 min.
4. Italian Mustard Dressing
This dressing can be stored in the refrigerator up to 5 days. ...; Calories: 333; Time: 5 min.
5. Pineapple Rum Dressing
This is a warm dressing perfect for topping greens....; Calories: 72; Time: 8 min.
6. Sweet and Sour Sesame Dressing
...; Calories: 115; Time: 5 min.
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