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1. Caesar Chicken Pasta Salad
This couldn't be any easier to make. Just make sure you use a good dressing (or make your own) and fresh produce ...; Calories: 579; Time: 20 min.
2. Chopped Pasta Salad
Don't let the word "salad" in the title fool you. This is a pretty substantial meal based upon the Mediterranean flavors of the Italian Chopped Salad. ...; Calories: 1034; Time: 45 min.
3. Greek Pasta Salad
This is basically a Greek salad (without lettuce) on top of pasta. If you like garnish with pine nuts. ...; Calories: 349; Time: 45 min.
4. Mediterranean Pasta Salad
This is a variation on the Summer Pasta Salad that includes a few more Mediterranean add-ins (feta, pine nuts, and olives). ...; Calories: 488; Time: 15 min.
5. Pear, Walnut, Blue Cheese Salad
This is a great salad that combines one of my favorite flavor combinations, blue cheese and walnuts. Accompanied by a fresh, warm roll this salad makes a great light supper. ...; Calories: 386; Time: 20 min.
6. Southwestern Pasta Salad
If you like, omit the pasta and use the black bean salsa over meats and fish. I garnished it with diced avocado at the very end because they discolor fast once they are peeled. ...; Calories: 398; Time: 60 min.
7. Summer Pasta Salad
This salad came about from necessity. There wasn't much around the house but a jar of oil-packed sun dried tomatoes, some frozen vegetables, and a wedge of Parmesan. The results were surprisingly fres...; Calories: 417; Time: 10 min.
8. Tropical Pasta Salad
This tropical salad combines the flavors of pasta with hot salsa and jalapeno, and fruity mango for a taste that's out of this world. This has become one of my favorite new salads. ...; Calories: 371; Time: 35 min.
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